My Bare Skin Face Oil

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My Bare Skin Face Oil

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Pamper dull, dry and damaged skin with this intensely nourishing and reparative face oil, packed with moisturizing + skin renewing oils.

Macadamia nut, black cumin, and pomegranate shower skin in fatty acids, antioxidants, and vitamins. Sweet almond, tamanu, geranium and lavender boost cell regeneration while treating acne and soothing inflammatory irritations. Use over-night for intense skin hydration and nourishment. Wake up with hydrated, supple skin.

Best for: dry, damaged + mature skin

Directions: Massage one pump of oil in clean hands and press oil into slightly damp and clean face.


Ingredients: *macadamia nut oil, *sweet almond oil, *tamanu oil, *black cumin oil, *pomegranate oil, *geranium essential oil, wild-crafted lavender essential oil, *bergamot essential oil. *organic

For external use only. This cleansing oil contains essential oils; while essential oils are all-natural, they should be used with care. keep away from children. If you have allergies, are pregnant or nursing, consult doctor before use. Patch test before use. Stop use if irritation occurs. store in cool, dark space. This product is best when used within 6 months of purchasing. This product contains a nut oil! *Not intended to diagnose but to be informational. None of these claims are approved by the FDA*




Vana Body

Vana Body sprouted from the belief of wholesome, pure, proper self-care. To put it simply, they believe you get out what you put in. They're are on a mission to curate a clean, simple collection of plant based self-care goods for your body to love. Established 2014, based in Northern California.

They craft their vegan goods with the utmost thought, consciousness and precision. Quality is their first priority when making products. When formulating a product, they source pure, natural ingredients for their healing + restoring properties they possess. They use virgin, organic, cold-pressed, virgin oils, wild crafted essential oils + clays to bring you results, naturally.



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